The DROPS light object, which we designed for Balance Club Brumlovka, is inspired by a drop of water stopped in time. We managed to capture this fleeting moment thanks to the magic of the chosen material, which is glass, which looks very similar to water. This fascinating property of glass material, together with the perfect transmission of light within matter, fulfilled our ideas and transferred our vision to sculpture. Using a special technique, we enclosed bubbles in each drop, which are created randomly. Each of the drops bears a unique and unique handwriting of this very old glass blowing technology. The mastery of Czech glassmakers, the perfection and purity of the craftsmanship of the stainless steel hand-polished construction gave rise to a unique building that will bring that will bring an extraordinary experience to visitors to the wellness center.

Yu-Lin Huang, Lukáš Houdek & Filip Houdek from HG Atelier Design
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