Our Awesome Team

Life in HG
Filip Houdek - CEO & Chief Designer
Filip Houdek is the founder of HG Atelier Design (1998). He is a designer and a leader who sets the direction and vision of the company.
Lukáš Houdek - Art Designer
Lukáš Houdek, who sees himself as a contemporary artist more than designer. With a strong touch of pop spirit in his work, Lukas likes to use redesign joining different elements to create a contrast surprise; transform the ordinary objects with special material into an artistic yet functional object
Yulin Huang - Art Designer
Yulin Huang is a designer from Taiwan who fall in love with the Czech crystal. She has a storytelling, sophisticated touch of design. With her diverse cultural background she always bring a new perspective into our design group; captures the differences between Eastern and Western culture and giving materials new interpretations.
Jan Heller - Technical Engineer
Jan Heller has been with the company almost since its inception. All our projects pass through his hands.